Dangerous Psychology

Clarity and actions can change your life.

If change was easy you would probably have already done it. You may just need some new ideas and some strategies that have been proven to work. I’ll provide lots of those; you can use them any way you want, whichever ones you find useful. Then we can review how you got on together, think it through and go again with some more. Usually it works pretty well.

I’m in Richmond, Staines, Slough, Woking, Guildford, Staines, Windsor and Central London (Covent Garden).

And online.

I’ve been doing this for 25 years now and am fairly good at most types of problems. Much of that experience has been at the sharp end in the NHS – Crisis Teams or psychosis services. People can be in crisis for so many different reasons that I’ve tackled every type of problem repeatedly, often under high pressure, where it feels like lives are at stake.

Psychology depends on two different things:

1. Getting on, having fun. I do want to make the process enjoyable, and as easy as possible.

2. And techniques and technology. There are lots of clever “Jedi mind tricks” for all the strange quirks our minds have. And I can draw on the wisdom of psychological researchers over the last decades, well-thought through ways to empower people, help them grow emotionally and get inspired and resilient. I’ve got 2 doctorate degrees in techniques and research, and have lectured for 20 years, even been External Examiner for University Courses.

Most of the “schools” of psychology – CBT, ACT, DBT, Schema therapy, EMDR – are fairly similar, but it can be hard to see that until you are really familiar and comfortable with each of them. No client ever really fits one particular model that well, and psychologists need the flexibility that comes with years of practice.

I work with most major insurance companies except BUPA (they don’t pay psychologists very well). My fees are £300 per hour.